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Whether you are under investigation for or have been charged with an indictable offense in New Jersey, you need a strong and knowledgeable indictable offense attorney to protect your rights. You won’t find any sympathy or assistance within the system. Instead, you need a lawyer who fully understands your constitutional rights, as well as how the criminal process works, so that you get a fair opportunity to defend yourself. We can help.

At the law office of Hasner and Hasner, PA, our attorneys have over 50 years of combined legal experience. Most of our new clients come to us as referrals from existing or former clients. We will take the time to identify all of your potential legal issues. We will aggressively handle those matters that fall within the scope of our practice, but have a network of highly-qualified attorneys to whom we can refer you to resolve all other issues.

We offer a free initial consultation to every prospective client. Contact us online or call our office at 856-282-0777 for an appointment.

Protecting Your Rights When You Have Been Charged with an Indictable Offenses

We aggressively defend people charged with indictable crimes (felonies), immediately conducting a comprehensive investigation of the facts and circumstances of your arrest. We’ll examine how law enforcement officers obtained evidence against you, and verify that there was no illegal search, seizure or arrest. Our attorneys will also confirm that you were properly advised of your rights, and that all other constitutional guarantees were honored.

We defend individuals charged with any type of indictable offenses, including:

  • Homicide crimes—murder, manslaughter, and negligent homicide
  • Sex offenses—rape, molestation, sexual assault, child pornography
  • Theft crimes—grand larceny or theft, robbery, burglary, receiving stolen goods
  • White collar crimes—embezzlement, fraud, money laundering
  • Drug crimes—Trafficking, manufacturing, possession with intent to sell

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We provide a free initial consultation to every potential client. For an appointment with an experienced and knowledgeable New Jersey criminal defense attorney, call us at 856-282-0777 or contact our office online. We can also schedule an evening or weekend consultation, if necessary. We can also see you before or after traditional hours by appointment.

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