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Truck accidents are not only physically painful but also financially and emotionally draining. The laws regarding truck accidents and compensation can be challenging to overcome when you’re alone. Having a proficient motor vehicle accident attorney by your side is critical to ensuring you get all the compensation you deserve and allows you to focus on your recovery from your injuries.
Dealing with insurance companies and getting an accident lawyer can be difficult when accompanied by injuries and financial strain. Leaving your claim in the hands of Hasner and Hasner, PA can help make sure you have someone working on your behalf to relieve some of the stress of navigating the legal system.

About Hasner

Founded in June 2012 by Louis G. Hasner and his son, David L. Hasner, Hasner and Hasner, PA, is committed to servicing its clients with a wide range of legal help. Aside from criminal matters, we are experienced handling personal injury matters, such as auto accident injuries.
With well-established ties with the Camden County area, Hasner and Hasner understands many of the concerns and issues involving the local community. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience, guaranteeing the best truck accident legal representation.
Hasner and Hasner, PA, handles all kinds of truck accidents ranging from 18-wheeler trucks to small box trucks.

Client Commitment

Hasner and Hasner, PA, is committed to offering all New Jersey residents who have experienced any form of truck accident injuries the legal help they deserve.
With comprehensive knowledge of New Jersey residents’ issues, we aim to treat all individuals with empathy and ensure everyone’s rights are upheld. We work closely with you all the way through the process so you can receive the best legal care available.

Steps to take after a truck accident

Stay calm and notify the police

Calling the police is crucial regardless of the accident’s extent or if you are the victim or the offender. Notifying the authority or dialing 911 for medical support is imperative.
The law requires you to be at the spot of the accident as you inform the police. You’ll also need to recount your version of the incident to the responding police officer, so they add it to the police report. Police reports are crucial when making insurance claims, the law firm of Hasner and Hasner, PA can assist you retrieving the report if needed.

Record the evidence

A written or physical record of the incident is as crucial as all the other evidence in an accident case. If the situation allows, try to take video footage or pictures of bloodied clothes, torn tires, tire skid marks, and motor vehicle debris.
Gather all other people’s information, including driving licenses, car insurance information, license plate numbers, and contact details. Eyewitness information is crucial, as it helps confirm your claims. Talk to everyone at the incident site and get their contact for follow-up or future reference.
Preservation of the vehicles involved in the accident is pivotal. This helps crash reconstruction specialists collect and combine evidence to present the accident’s cause and how it happened. Hasner and Hasner, PA, has proficient truck accident attorneys who will protect the evidence by sending spoliation letters to the affected parties.

Call the Insurance company

Notifying the insurance company immediately after the accident is mandatory. If injured, you can ask for help from your family, friends, or even the attorneys at Hasner and Hasner attorneys, who will be glad to step in.
Relay everyone’s information, including their names, address, and telephone numbers, to the insurance company. This guarantees a smooth compensation process.

Make a doctor’s visit

It’s easy to ignore making a doctor’s appointment after an accident if you only have minor injuries. However, this isn’t advisable as you might regret it later. You should have a medical specialist examine you immediately. Latent injuries like internal wounds and concussions can get worse over time if the appropriate treatment is not obtained right away.

It is important to explain everything you are feeling to your doctor in order to ensure a correct diagnosis and appropriate follow up care. Follow the doctor’s or medical expert’s advice regarding the treatment type and the hospital visit frequency. Ignoring the doctor’s treatment advice can weaken your case significantly. An arbitrator or mediator or jury member may assume you were not injured, or not injured very much if you fail to comply with the prescribed treatment.

Call your truck accident lawyer

Getting a truck accident attorney from a proficient law firm, like Hasner and Hasner, PA, is crucial if you get injured in a truck accident. Aside from piling up hospital bills, accident victims could need to stay home from work for a while, which costs them financially and emotionally. Additionally, trucks are subject to different rules and regulations than regular passenger vehicles, and they also have different standards for recording information. Hiring a Hasner and Hasner truck accident lawyer is important so that they leave no stone unturned for you, in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

Types of truck accident insurance

If you are struck by a commercial vehicle, such as a box truck, those types of vehicles have different insurance policies than regular, private cars. Those policies are generally substantial and in many cases are single limit blanket policies. In New Jersey, many of your coverages will still be determined by your own automobile insurance policy, but your rights may be different because you were hit by a commercial vehicle. For example, you may not have to prove a permanent injury to satisfy the Verbal Threshold in New Jersey if you were struck by a commercial vehicle or truck. Call the attorneys at Hasner and Hasner, PA if you were involved in an accident with a box truck or 18 wheeler or mail truck to discuss how an accident with one of these vehicles affects your claim.

Statute of limitations

According to New Jersey laws, some auto accidents, including truck accidents, have limitations on the time period in which you can make a claim, and these limitations periods cover both property damage and bodily injury.
Personal injury claims from auto accidents generally have a two year statute of limitations. You risk losing your claim of the case if you fail to file a lawsuit within the first two years after the accident date.
Another statute of limitations is on wrongful death. If a loved one passed away due to an accident, you have up to two years from the date of death to file a claim. This can be on the accident date or some time later, depending on the situation.


All trucks must comply with the applicable laws while operating in the New Jersey roads. Additionally, there are some New Jersey and Federal laws applicable to trucks to ensure that they are operated safely. This includes regulations on the amount of weight a truck is allowed to carry and how long truck drivers are allowed to be on the road before they are required to take a break. Some of the nuanced laws that trucks on the road and truck drivers need to follow are things like:

  • Truck Weight and Size Limit
  • Hours of Service or driver fatigue regulations
  • Commercial Driver’s License Requirements
  • Maintenance and Inspection Requirements

If you were involved in a truck accident, the best advice you can get is to contact a truck accident lawyer like Hasner and Hasner, PA, so that they can immediately identify the laws applicable to your case and, most importantly, immediately send correspondence to preserve factual data from the accident, such as black box recordings.

Common ways to stay safe from getting into an accident with a large truck

  • Maintain more space than you would when following a car. Trucks block your view from hazardous driving conditions like construction. Leaving adequate space in front of you allows you to make a sudden swerve or stop.
  • Avoid the truck’s blind spot. Trucks have wider blind spots than regular cars. If you can’t see the truck driver in their side mirror, they can’t see you following them either.
  • If a truck tries to pass in front of you, let it. Regardless of your speed or whether you’re ‘right’, competing with trucks can have severe consequences.
  • Be obvious or predictable. Use clear signals when driving close to a truck. This allows the driver to react appropriately and in good time.

What to expect

Hasner and Hasner, PA has substantial ties to the community in southern New Jersey, so our firm understands what matters to our community. Hasner and Hasner, PA lawyers, will ensure they fight for the rights of all the residents or clients, and with our small sized firm you are much more likely to work with an attorney directly than constantly being referred to a paralegal or case manager.

When looking at what to expect out of trucking accident, just like any other motor vehicle accident, truck accident compensation varies depending on the circumstances. There are three New Jersey financial compensations; economic, non-economic, and punitive.

  • Economic compensation covers all damages that may cause the victim financial strain, like medical costs, wrongful death, loss of income, funeral costs, and vehicle damage.
  • Non-economic compensation pays for all the losses that don’t involve any financial damages. Examples include loss of enjoyment, pain and suffering and loss of consortium or adverse effects to other family members’ lives.
  • Punitive compensation is for punishing the offender for their truly reckless deeds. This mostly applies if the defendant was reckless, malicious or if they intended to hurt the victim.

Why us

Hiring a reliable lawyer is the surest way to protect your interests and to ensure you can fight the truck and insurance companies. Hasner and Hasner will work closely with you throughout the process until you get the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers are highly skilled and are licensed to work in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Louis G. Hasner has extensive experience representing individuals injured in automobile crashes. He understands the difficulty in dealing with the trucking industry and he will ensure your case is handled with care.

David L. Hasner has over eleven years of experience with various personal injury cases. Aside from car accidents, he has handled slip-falls and dog bites cases. David will ensure you’re fully compensated and treated with empathy.

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