Safety Above All Else – Passing Other Vehicles

Driver Safety Above All Else

At Hasner and Hasner, PA we believe in safety. If you are safe, you can be happy and healthy and focus on the things that matter most to you: your family, your job and what you love to do. Safety is never guaranteed, but Hasner and Hasner, PA supports anything that helps to make us safe.

With this in mind, Hasner and Hasner, PA wants to remind all of you about a new change in the law that is designed to make our police officers, pedestrians and bicyclists safer: the New Jersey Safe Passing law. You can find an informative article on the New Jersey Safe Passing law here:

A summary of the law is as follows: As of March 1, 2023 (very recently), motorists are now REQUIRED, by law, to give 4 feet of space between their vehicles and others on the road who are on foot or who are riding a bicycle. In cases in which giving 4 feet is not possible, “the new law requires drivers to follow all current no-passing, no speeding laws and to move over and to move over a lane, if a lane is available. If sufficient passing space is not available, drivers must slow to 25MPH and be prepared to stop, until they can pass safely” without endangering those sharing the road.

This law seems to mirror the law that went into effect a little over 2 years ago with respect to police officers and emergency vehicles. N.J.S.A. 39:4-92.2 requires all motorists that are passing a police or emergency vehicle that has their flashing or blinking or alternating red and blue lights on to exercise caution and move over 1 lane from the lane adjacent to the emergency vehicle if that is possible. The goal is to give the emergency vehicle plenty of space if they are tending to an emergency on the side of the road or if a police officer is engaged with another motorist and is standing in the roadway. We want to make sure that the officer or ambulance worker can do his or her job and not have to worry about getting clipped by another vehicle.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: Hasner and Hasner

At Hasner and Hasner, PA, we do represent those who have been charges with traffic offenses such as the ones here. So, if you are charged with an offense under N.J.S.A. 39:4-92.2 or a violation of the NJ Safe Passing law, please give us a call and we may be able to help you.


Dog on a leashHasner and Hasner giving back to the Community

My dad, Lou Hasner, and I are big believers in having strong community ties. At Hasner and Hasner, PA we want to put faces to the voices we hear on the phone and the names we see on our paperwork. We want to shake your hand. We want to know how your family is doing. We are proud to be located in the close knit community of Clementon, New Jersey, representing clients who get traffic tickets, or get in car accidents and they’re hurt or have damage to their cars, or even if they have a court date after a fight with a spouse or significant other. Give us a call and we will talk to you at no charge and tell us your story.

It is with this background in mind that we are proud to announce that Hasner and Hasner, PA has made a $2,000.00 charitable donation to the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold, New Jersey in the name of one of our clients who passed away recently. This client had an incredible story: he was a Marine and a community resident who was hit by a car while he was walking his bicycle across the street and was hospitalized with a broken leg. He did not own a cell phone and had very few personal belongings in his small apartment in Clementon. He found our office by dialing ‘0’ on his hospital phone after the accident and he asked for a local personal injury attorney and the operator directed his call to our office. Amazingly, this client was in his 80s and prior to that accident he still found time to ride his bicycle around town and had an active lifestyle. He was not the same after the car accident that we handled for him and he could not ever really get back on that bicycle before he died. He passed away at 86 after dying of natural causes.

One thing he did mention to us in person, after riding his bicycle to our office, was that he had no wife or living family or relatives, but he loved animals. This client was very particular about his love for animals. So, when he passed, we at Hasner and Hasner, PA felt that it was only right to do a little something for the local community in his honor by donating $2,000.00 to the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold, New Jersey on Berlin Road in his name. We are happy that our donation will go towards feeding or housing some needy dog or cat or pet that was found stray in the streets or returned by their owner who was unable to care for them. That is what he would have wanted, and we wanted to give back to our local community as your local attorneys at law.

Contacting the Adoption Center

Please contact the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold, New Jersey on Berlin Road to adopt or rescue or foster a dog or cat or pet in need, and don’t forget to give us a call if you have any legal question of any kind. Their website is:

When my wife and I lost our first dog, Sally, to complications from old age, it was sad and heartbreaking. We knew we could not remain dogless for long and we had to rescue a dog in need. We visited the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold and brought home Iroh, who is the dog pictured below. He has been with us for over 1 year now and we could not be happier and Iroh could not be happier being in such a loving home. He is quite the good dog. Please continue to support this local animal shelter.